Argentine soccer coach suffers gunshot wound mid-game as fans in stadium engage in fierce gunfight

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Argentine coach Mauricio Romero is recovering from non-life-threatening injuries sustained from a gunshot wound to the shoulder in the midst of a soccer game on Sunday. The chaotic situation took place during a third-tier Argentina league (Torneo Federal A) match between Huracán Las Heras against Romero’s Ferro Carril Oeste in the Mendoza province.

Huracán Las Hera fans were seen fighting among themselves while fans of Ferro Carril Oeste made a run for cover and hid behind walls while the shots rang out, hitting Romero on the shoulder. A video showed Romero being treated for the wound and the club later announced that he had to be taken to the hospital.

“Romero is doing well and out of danger,” Ferro Carril Oeste tweeted. “After leaving the stadium he underwent tests in a local hospital and is now giving a statement to police.”

As a result of the chaos, the Federal A league match was suspended late in the second half with Huracan leading 3-1 at the time.

In addition, Huracan made it clear that they were extremely disappointed in the actions of their fans when they stated that the fighting was “ruining” the club’s reputation.

“For years families have been chased from grounds,” the club said in a Facebook post. “May all those that harm the club stay away so that the real fans can return.”

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