‘Better than Ibrahimovic’ – Arsenal fans can’t believe what Ivan Gazidis has done

Former Arsenal chief-executive and now AC Milan chairman Ivan Gazidis has surprised a number of Gunners fans with his football skills.

Gazidis, 56, spent nine years with the north London club from 2009 to 2018, and is currently working in Italy with the Rossoneri.

This is despite coming under severe pressure from fans and other people amongst the Milan club for his active involvement in trying to set up this European Super League (ESL).

Gazidis maintained at the time that the ESL was going to be an exciting chapter for the game.

“We’re confident that this new competition will capture the imagination of billions of football fans all over the world and will be a new, exciting chapter for the game,” Gazidis wrote in a letter to Milan’s sponsors and commercial partners.

“The Super League will provide value and support to the whole football pyramid with greater financial resources.”

However, Gazidis and other top officials at big clubs in Europe were proven wrong, with fans revolting against the owners as a result of this idea.

Thankfully, the idea is off the table, but the backlash received from the project really put the pressure on the ex-Arsenal man to resign from his post. However, he remains in place as chairman despite the calls for him to leave.

Away from the shenanigans of the ESL, the 56-year-old has been unwinding and has been filmed playing football.

In what seems to be an AC Milan staff preseason match, Gazidis was seen scoring a stunning goal for his team.

The footage shows the ball being played back to him just outside the box, and him unleashing a curling effort hit with the outside of his boot.

An attempt which flew past the goalkeeper into the top corner of the net. Here’s how a selection of Arsenal fans on Reddit reacted to this goal.

The summer window is officially open, and it’s going to be tough to keep up with the comings and goings in and out of the Emirates.

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@hyrola admitted: “I hate to say it but that was a nice finish.”

@Kappa23 said: “No way did he just hit that with the outside of his foot lmao”

@Techno_Pensioner found out: “Later he attended St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford, where he was twice awarded a blue (an award of sporting colours earned by athletes at some universities and schools for competition at the highest level) playing football against Cambridge in 1984 and 1985.”

“From his wiki, had no idea Ivan was a baller.”

@Steo42 asked: “Where was this for us?”

@ramobara replied to someone who said Gazidis was ‘better than Ibrahimovic’ commented: “Ibra would probably agree.”

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