England extend manager Gareth Southgate through 2024

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Following a run to the finals of Euro 2020 and successful qualification for World Cup 2022 in Qatar, England has extended Gareth Southgate’s contract an additional two years to 2024. Southgate’s contract was due to run out at the end of the World Cup but the extension will ensure that England keeps their man.

While there have been some questionable moments under Southgate’s reign, such as famously bringing on Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho to take pivotal penalties in the Euro finals against Italy without having played in much of the match, or handing the fifth kick to Bukayo Saka, it’s clear that those moments are few and far between. Southgate’s arrival as England manager was the perfect breath of fresh air needed after Sam Allardyce had to leave the post after only 67 days in charge due to advising agents how to skirt transfer rules.

From how he handles himself in pressers to his fire on the touchline, Southgate has the “it” factor needed to handle such a large job in world soccer. He isn’t afraid to make big calls for the preservation of player fitness and using the full squad available to him and he also stands up for those decisions in the media. There’s the question of if he caps too many players, but it should be viewed as a positive because it ensures that the future is secured for England before other nations can poach their talent.

With his Euro final and World Cup semifinal appearance in tow, there is no one better to manage England than Southgate right now.

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