Every word David Moyes said following West Ham’s defeat to Liverpool, Bowen and Rice updates

How serious is Jarrod Bowen’s injury?

It looks like something in his heel it happened in the tackle with Andy Robertson and then he ran back to the edge of the box and then went down. I was hoping it would not be too bad but what i did not like was he came off unable to bear weight so we will get him scanned and see what it is. For me, look I am not a physio but it is not an obvious looking injury to me at the moment, it looks as if he has been caught near the Achilles.

What are your reflections on the game?

I thought we played better than we have done, I thought our performance level was much better. I think we found it difficult for the opening 15-20 minutes we could have been further behind but we grew into the game, we had shots on goal and we got in behind Liverpool and had one or two huge opportunities and in midweek I said we lacked quality in the box to score.

But I thought our forward players, Michy Antonio played well today but we are just lacking that bit at the moment, maybe against the top teams we have to be really clinical and we just missed that today.

Not many teams create that many chances here, is that the frustration?

It is easy for me to say that but ultimately we did not get any points from it but I think we were worthy of something today. Somebody said to me coming in that we had more shots on goal in the first half today than anybody since Jurgen has taken over and I did not think we were great in the first half.

There were bits of good stuff from us and we are trying to keep it going. We beat Liverpool narrowly 3-2 at the London Stadium we have narrowly lost 1-0 today so there are signs we are getting a little bit closer to where we would like to be in challenging the best teams and Liverpool are certainly one of them.

Is it a question of the players are good enough to take those chances or is it just that is why Liverpool pay what they pay for players?

There is a bit of that, I think you are hoping when you get the opportunity… I mean Pablo when he is through and he chips it and then Lanzini’s controls one in the box and I would never have thought he could put it over the bar, maybe that is why the centre-forwards… we mentioned in the dressing room with the staff you can buy a top goalscorer who would not work as hard as Michy Anotnio or our players and not have as good a team so trying to balance the work ethic. I think we have the work ethic and our players commitment for the team right to the end was excellent. And as well with our team, we nearly put out the same team again and I am going to keep doing that, keep playing them and if it runs aground then it runs aground.

We know we have a small squad and have some injuries and we know we would have liked to have brought in some players in January and add to that but what I will say is the players we have got have done a brilliant job and have done a brilliant job for the last couple of years.

How encouraging is the performance considering you did not have Declan Rice at the heart of it?

I think we played pretty well last year when we didn’t have Declan when we needed him. We were hoping we could get to the Champions League and we lost Declan for five games after an international break. Ultimately we’ve lost, could Declan have made a difference? I’m sure he could have.

But I thought that I don’t think anyone any watching would have turned around and said ‘they’ve not got Declan Rice today’, they would have been saying how well Lanzini played and I thought Tomas Soucek had one of his better games today. In the game I thought we were the side having to defend more and play on the counter attack and it made it plays better, if you think our best performances last year a lot of them were like that. We’ve found that teams are giving us much more of the ball because of our status or maybe how well we’ve done and they’ve made it harder for us.

Does it give you encouragement for Thursday and will you have Rice available?

Definitely [encouragement]. I am hoping so [to have Rice]. Late Thursday night and Friday he started to feel unwell. He didn’t train with us on Friday – he came in and was sent with the doctor. We sent the doctor this morning to check his bloods in the hope we could have got him up first thing but he was not well enough. I am hoping it is the flu if the flu is still around.

Jurgen Klopp ruffled Bowen’s hair is that just an act of sportsmanship?

Definitely, I spoke to Jurgen before the game and he was very complimentary about our team and some of our players.

Have you seen the tackle on Bowen again?

No, I have not seen the Andy Robertson one again but I would like to see the [Diogo] Jota one again, the Jota one is the one I think you should look at by all accounts. There is always a hard luck story here and it is always somebody else’s fault but I thought with the referee there were some things that did not go our way and could easily have tipped in a different direction but I accept that and I know what it is like playing here it is really difficult.

Pablo Fornals complained to the fourth official – is he okay?

He is fine, he was annoyed by the Jots tackle. Had it been one of our players, it would be seen in a different light.

How pleased are you with the reaction to the Southampton loss?

We needed to pick up and we did, good performances tend to lead to good results but you cannot guarantee it, so I am hoping we can keep it up. We have a great week coming up. I was asking Jurgen about Seville and he was telling me different things, I was trying to get some tips as he knows what it is like but overall we have a great week and we did a lot of good stuff today that might have got us a point

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