Every word Joe Rodon said about how Nuno has treated him and his unlucky start to Tottenham life

This is finally your first European football experience with Spurs as you couldn’t be registered, you must be excited to get out there?

Yeah, like you say was obviously frustrating last season given the amount of opportunities that were there but yeah I’m excited to get under way hopefully tomorrow night and hopefully at the start of a successful campaign.

Do you feel you’ve been unlucky at Spurs so far, with being unable to play last season in certain matches and the injury this summer?

You can look at it that way, but what’s in the past is in the past and now I can only look forward and be excited for what the future holds.

You’ve had three different managers in just 11 months at Spurs. What’s that been like?

Obviously it would be nice to come in and have the same manager knowing what you’re all about but that’s just football and the way it works. You have to prove yourself and go again, and this gaffer’s given me opportunities and I need to take them with both hands.

What was it like missing out on those European nights? How did you deal with that?

It was obviously frustrating. I kind of understood – it was for a reason, to adapt me and get me into the group. Every player wants to play a lot of games, but sometimes it doesn’t go like that and the best thing I could do was just to keep my head down, keep working hard and wait for my opportunity.

Did the training ground feel like a lonely place at times when you didn’t travel?

Nah, to be fair all the boys were brilliant with me last season, and all the staff. Last year was my first year and it was just about getting used to everything and adapting. Like I say I think it all happens for a reason and like I say I’m just delighted to have more opportunities this season.

How is Nuno different from the previous managers?

Yeah. I guess every manager is different in their own ways. I haven’t been with this manager long but he’s been brilliant with me so far. I want to learn from him. I’ve got to keep working hard and we’ll see where that takes me.

What do you know about Rennes’ quality?

Last season they had a high finish in the League and they have some top class players coming through. We’re expecting a very difficult match and one we’re excited for.

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Was Saturday a wake up call?

Yeah, of course. We’ve had a brilliant start and Saturday was a difficult one to take. 3-0, I thought, in the end… Yeah it was a difficult one and one we’ve got to get over quickly. Obviously, 3-0 it didn’t go as planned. That’ just football. Of course we didn’t want to lose 3-0 and we’ve got to pick ourselves up. The best thing in football is games come thick and fast and of course we’ve got to put it right tomorrow night.

How is your fitness and sharpness now?

Right now, I’m happy. Of course the more games you play the better conditions you’re going to be. Saturday I was dusting myself off and getting the cobwebs out but yeah I was happy to get just under 90 minutes under my belt at the weekend just gone. But of course the more games I play the fitter I’m going to be. But I’m happy with where I am right now and I’ll keep working.

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