Every word Thomas Frank said on Dasilva’s red card, Christian Eriksen and more

Thoughts on Dasilva’s red card?

I think it’s a completely random situation that unfortunately he’s given Josh a red card. I understand with VAR and the perception of it, that why it’s given but everyone who knows and understands football, he’s tried to step in front of the ball, tried to put his foot and unfortunately he hits his leg, and apparently that’s a red card.

Was Newcastle’s second goal on the counter-attack avoidable?

I think both goals were avoidable. I think the first one we need to defend better and the second one, of course, we can never let that in, of course we can’t; that’s clear.

You brought on Christian Eriksen who played his first competitive game since the Euros. How special a moment was that for him and for the Club?

I think for everyone involved in football, it was a big moment. It was fantastic to see he got a big reception stepping onto the pitch; Newcastle fans fantastic, all our fans of course fantastic and everyone else involved. Big moment, big for Christian and his family; it was nice to see and hopefully now he can only talk with his feet and speak about football instead of everything else.

Ivan Toney returned from injury. Is he at the point where he is 100% ahead of Norwich and Burnley?

Let’s see how the week turns out. Of course, it was important to be able to put him on the pitch, but it was positive he was on the pitch definitely.

What was behind the switch to a back four and how do you think the team coped?

For the 10 minutes, I thought they did absolute brilliant.

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