Every word Thomas Tuchel said on Chelsea’s semi final draw, Lukaku’s return and Kepa

Thoughts on the game and the semi final draw to play Spurs?

It was clear it was going to be a tough draw, four strong teams. I think the Tottenham draw is nice for our fans, a London derby, very difficult but we are looking forward to it.

We did everything today to make sure we were in the semi final. We wanted to be there and I am absolutely happy with the result. We had a brilliant performance and result, given the circumstances.

And the lineup and the situation that some of the guys who played today were youngsters, not so many minutes like Malang, Trevoh and Ross Barkley.

Suddenly you are in the middle of a match like this at Brentford, you have to take responsibility. It is not easy. I am very happy with how we did this, very disciplined, very structured with a lot of confidence and quality so well done to the boys.

Thoughts on how the youngsters played?

They did well. They hadn’t trained for a week because the academy was closed for Covid and then we invited them into training two days ago, so two sessions with us. They listened carefully and did their jobs, they did good.

Also, full credit to the seven guys they played with. They took care and made sure they did the right stuff and were supportive. Well done to the three guys and well done to the other seven.

Kepa is playing well?

I am very happy in general. Happy is maybe not the right word but I am super impressed with Kepa. It is not a surprise anymore because he is in the state of mind as a person, character and sportsman where he just delivers for us because he does what he does best.

This is what he shows every day in training and this is why he gets the reward. I am absolutely sure that this is the reason why he has these kinds of performances.

I am super happy, we need him in this kind of shape. The goalkeepers are a strong group. Kepa is a big part of it and Kepa was a big factor today, in the first half especially.

Who is back from Covid for Aston Villa?

If I understood it correctly, we need a negative test and we have negative tests for Romelu, Callum and Ben Chilwell. Ben Chilwell will not be involved against Aston Villa.

The other two will be on the pitch tomorrow if they are again negative tomorrow. Then, we need to see, they have been ill and have symptoms but we will see.

It is a Premier League game at one of the toughest places where you can play in Aston Villa. It is good news, don’t get me wrong but I am not overexcited now because I know I need to check how they are

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