Explained: Why has Serie A banned green kits?

Here’s what you need to know about why Serie A are forbidding clubs to have green in their kits, and which clubs could be affected by the new rule

Serie A has announced a new rule that states that all clubs will be prohibited from wearing green kits.

A handful of top-flight Italian teams have shades of green in their stripes, so how will these clubs be affected – and why has the rule been implemented?

Goal takes a look.

Why are green kits being banned from Serie A?

Serie A has banned green kits worn by outfield players for the purposes of television clarity.

Home kits, however, are understood to be exempt from this rule, with the ban applying to away and third kits.

It was reported that green kits will be banned due to the colour clashing with the grass on the pitch, potentially causing confusion for viewers at home.

Television broadcasters raised concerns that the green of the grass would blend with the green of the kits.

The rule will only apply to outfield players, as well as socks and shorts, so goalkeepers are not considered under this rule. Should a kit incorporate three different colours, a non-green shade must be applied as the dominant colour.

Clubs will still be able to use green as part of their kit, but not as the primary shade.

When will the Serie A green kit ban take place?

The ban will be implemented from the 2022-23 season onwards.

Serie A announced the rule change a year early so that clubs and kit manufacturers would have appropriate time to change their strips accordingly.

What Serie A teams currently wear green kits?

Sassuolo’s home kit is traditionally green and black, but they will be exempt from the ban as it is their home attire and green is not the sole, dominant colour in their palette.

Away and third kits will be the strips that are affected. Lazio had donned a lime-green away kit for the 2020-21 season, though this will not be allowed in future seasons.

Venezia also have green in their emblem, and green is a major colour in their home kit, but won’t be affected by this rule.

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