Gareth Southgate’s polka dot tie: Why England boss always wears one, who makes it & where to buy

The manager is getting a lot of credit for guiding England to the Euro 2020 final, but their success could be down to his choice of neckwear

Sales of polka dot ties have skyrocketed in England amid their journey to the Euro 2020 final.

Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate has started a fashion trend by wearing one throughout the tournament and retailers across the country are reporting massive increases in sales of polka dot ties as a result.

And it has proved to be lucky, with England winning every game of the tournament while he was wearing it on the touchline.  

Why does Gareth Southgate wear a polka dot tie?

First of all, it looks really sharp. Second, it might be the only reason England have made it to the final.

The only time Southgate did not wear it at Euro 2020 was the 0-0 draw with Scotland, in which England were outclassed and lucky to get a draw.

Southgate surely won’t tempt fate by leaving the polka dot tie at home for the final against Italy. He’d be insane to do that!

Who makes Gareth Southgate’s polka dot tie?

Gareth Southgate Joachim Low England vs Germany Euro 2020

The tie is made by British company Percival.

They have even named it Gareth Southgate’s Lucky Tie. 

“Percival has had the honour of being asked by The Gaffer himself, Gareth Southgate to create a few pitch-side looks and his (now lucky) navy polka dot tie,” the website says.

Where can I buy a polka dot tie?

You can get one from Percival, but you can only pre-order as it won’t be out until August.

By then the trend will be over and no-one will remember anything about Southgate’s tie and if they lose, you’ll want to burn it and never see a polka dot tie again.

Plus, it costs £49. That’s absurd! Matalan sell one for £4, apparently. Maybe try there.

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