Jurgen Klopp makes major admission over Liverpool exit that could majorly worry Chelsea

Since Jurgen Klopp’s arrival at Liverpool, the Reds have been an all-but ever present threat to Chelsea.

Having taken the reins at Anfield just months after the Blues lifted the 2014/15 Premier League title under Jose Mourinho, the German has managed to re-establish the Reds both on the domestic and international stage.

In the time since, Liverpool have lifted their own title, the Champions League – as well as having beaten Chelsea to the first domestic title of the current season in the Carabao Cup final.

Meanwhile, in five out of the last six Premier League seasons, Liverpool have finished above Chelsea in the end-of-season standings – the only exception being the Blues’ 2016/17 title triumph.

The Blues then might have been given considerable encouragement of finally finding their way past the Reds with Klopp having hinted an exit but he has now clarified prior comments with his contract not set to expire until the summer of 2024.

Speaking in a press conference ahead of his side’s clash with West Ham United, the German said: “The plan is still the same.

“I realised when I gave the answer, I thought, ‘Oh god!’ but I couldn’t get it back. I was just not in the situation.

“The plan is still the same. Nothing changed really and when I decide, or if I decide to leave, maybe I get the sack in ’23, who knows?

“But if I decide in ’24 that I will stop, it has nothing to do with the quality of the squad.

“It’s not ‘My god, I have to manage them,’ or ‘My god, better to stop than be managing them.’ It’s not like this, nothing to do with that.

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“All the things we do are for the long term. All the things we do are for the long term. This club must be even better, especially when I am not here anymore. That’s the plan.

“That’s what we are working on so it’s not important how long I will stay, it’s much more important how we do until then.”

As it stands, it looks as though the Blues are going to finish behind the Reds once more, with Liverpool holding a ten-point advantage – albeit Thomas Tuchel’s men having a game in-hand.

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