Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood to be charged with attempted rape, Crown Prosecution Service says

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The Crown Prosecution Service has authorized the Greater Manchester police to charge Mason Greenwood with attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behavior, and assault causing bodily harm. Greenwood was initially arrested in late January under suspicions of rape after images and audio files detailing the threats made and injuries sustained were posted online.

“All three counts relate to the same complainant,” said Janner Potter, the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West. “Specialist rape prosecutors from CPS North West’s complex casework unit authorized the charges following a review of a file of evidence received from Greater Manchester Police.”  

The 21 year old forward has been suspended from Manchester United since the arrest while sponsors such as Nike also terminated their partnerships with him. Greenwood has also been removed from video games such as FIFA 23 and Football Manager.

Greenwood is now due to appear at the Greater Manchester Magistrates’ court on Monday, Oct. 17.

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