The Last Time With… Filip Krajinovic | ATP Tour

During the 2021 season, Filip Krajinovic earned his 100th career tour-level win in Indian Wells and reached his fourth ATP Tour final in Hamburg. Off court, the Serbian has stories to tell, from meeting his idol Pete Sampras to his struggles in the kitchen.

In the latest installment of our popular series, Serbia’s Filip Krajinovic reveals the last time…

I missed a flight?
I cancelled a flight last minute in June because Novak [Djokovic] called me to tell me he was going to do something to celebrate his Roland Garros victory. I was meant to go to Montenegro and then at the last minute I just cancelled and went to see him. I am always last minute, but to miss a flight, I don’t think I have.

I lost something important?
I lose my wallet so much. I am quite good on that also though. I don’t think I have lost something very important ever. I have lost the keys to my car, but they can be easily replaced. So far, so good.

I paid money to hire a court or buy tennis balls?
I paid before I came to Wimbledon. There is one tennis club in Serbia and I was a little bit surprised when they told me, ‘Hey, man, you have to pay’. It was €15 per hour, and I paid for four hours and needed four hours and was with my coach.

Being famous helped me?
It has helped me out a lot. Back in Serbia, people follow tennis a lot because of Novak and the rest of us are second league, but they are still following. I always try and say I am a tennis player. If need a reservation, I try to always have my tennis racquet next to me. I am hoping they know who I am. Serbia is a very small country, so we all know each other.

I strung a tennis racquet?

I have never done that in my life. I don’t think I can do it. I need time to learn a little bit, but I am really not interested in that! It takes at least 25 minutes. I have never watched the whole racquet being done either.

I cooked for myself or others?
No, I am really bad! All I do is make a tea, I do not go to the kitchen at all, I am really really bad at that. I can make the coffee though with a machine, you press the button and magic. When I am playing the tournaments I always eat in the restaurants. Even when I am home, I like to go to the restaurant. I love to eat steak and spaghetti, Europe and Italian food. My kitchen, when you go to my apartment, is totally new.

I met a childhood idol?
My idol when I was young was Pete Sampras, and 10 years ago I had the chance to go to his house. My sponsor was IMG, and he was in touch with IMG needing someone to hit with him, so they told me to go to his house and hit for a couple of days. I was really happy I was able to meet him. I was young and it was fun. I was too scared to ask for advice, I was in shock. At that time, my English was not very good, so I didn’t want to get into that many conversations.


Photo Credit: Adam Pretty/Getty Images

I asked someone for a selfie?
Today I asked my coach, let’s do a selfie on the court.

I went to a concert?
Over a year ago, when everything was normal. I went to see some Serbian star, a big star. He is about 70-years-old, he is the most famous singer in Serbia. I went there and it was amazing, about 20,000 people there. I had a great time; he plays pop music. I am really in love with music, I like to listen to music all the time.

I attended a live sporting event other than tennis?
I watch soccer lots in Serbia. I watch Red Star [Belgrade], and I also watch the NBA when I am in America. I like to watch Nikola Jokic, the Most Valuable Player. For me, soccer is the main sport, I like to go to the stadium and cheer my team. The crowd is amazing, unbelievable, one of the best in the world.

I made my debut at a Tour event?
I played in Madrid for the first time this year at the tournament. I had never played in Madrid before, but every other tournament I have played.

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