UK ready for Euro 2020 solo host call if needed, says Prime Minister Johnson

The European Championship was originally pushed back from its original date last year but its pancontinental format faces scrutiny amid the pandemic

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered up the country as a solo host for Euro 2020 later this year, as UEFA approach deadline day for decision’s over the tournament’s format and future.

The latest staging of the European Championship – for what would have been the competition’s 60th anniversary – was originally pushed back from its original date last summer amid the coronovirus pandemic and is still slated to take place later this year.

But plans to maintain its pancontinental format, with hosting duties shared by a dozen cities in as many countries, remains under threat and with the UK well ahead in its vaccination programme, Johnson is ready to throw open the country’s doors.

What has been said?

“We are hosting the Euros,” Johnson told The Sun. “We are hosting the semis and the final.

“If they [have[ any other matches that they want hosted, we’re certainly on for that, but at the moment that’s where we are with UEFA.”

A push for the World Cup in 2030

The host nation, or nations, for the 2030 World Cup has not yet been announced, with confirmation set to come in 2024.

England and Ireland have already proposed a joint bid, and Johnson feels riding to UEFA’s rescue – should it be required – could provide their application with plenty of credit.

“We are very, very keen to bring football home in 2030,” Johnson said. “I do think it’s the right place.

“It’s the home of football, it’s the right time. It will be an absolutely wonderful thing for the country.”

Who else is in the hunt for the 2030 World Cup?

Morocco was the first to declare an interest, possibly alongside North African neighbours Algeria and Tunisia.

There is also likely to be competition from within Europe, with a joint bid from Iberian neighbours Spain and Portugal – while Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Serbia are planning to throw their hats in the ring.

With Asian and North American nations not allowed to enter the race under present rules due to hosting the 2022 and 2026 iterations, South America is set to have a strong contender with a joint bid by Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

The South American bid is reported to be favourite, as there is plenty of backing for Uruguay to host the event – 100 years on from the first World Cup in 1930.

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