USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter takes selfie with fans during extreme cold conditions in World Cup qualifier

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The United States men’s soccer team came away with a 3-0 win over Honduras on Wednesday in CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying action. However, the result of the match hasn’t been the only thing that has had people talking.

In the 81st minute of Wednesday’s match, United States head coach Gregg Berhalter was spotted on camera talking a selfie with fans in the front row of the stands while there was a VAR stoppage.

Berhalter faced a fair amount of criticism online for his decision to take selfies with fans during the match.

After the match was over, Berhalter commented on his decision to take the photo.

“These guys are out there freezing their butts off and really just sacrificing to be there to support the United States of America,” Berhalter said. “And there was a long break in time, and they asked me to get a picture. And I said, ‘guys, we’ll do it after the game.’ And then during that time, during that long break, I said ‘Hey, let’s take advantage of this now.’ And I quickly went over and took a picture with them.”

Fans and players did brave some of the most frigid temperatures that have been seen on a pitch in quite some time for Wednesday’s match, which took place in St. Paul, Minnesota. The temperature was 2 degrees and felt like -12 degrees with the wind chill.

It was so brutal that two Honduras players had to leave the match due to hypothermia. This clip in particular shows just how cold it was during the match:

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