What Man United vs Liverpool postponement means for Fantasy Premier League managers

Every match-week, millions of potential Pep’s and budding Klopp’s put together their dream teams in a bid to be crowned a Fantasy Premier League champion.

They have to deliberate a number of factors, such as injuries, form and fixtures – but the idea of a game being postponed rarely enters any players head.

However, in the wake of the postponement of Manchester United vs Liverpool, the Premier League have issued an update on the Fantasy Premier League protocol when games are cancelled.

The rules state: “If a Premier League match is postponed and moved out of the Gameweek, any players who are affected will not score FPL points.

A number of supporters protested against Manchester United's owners at Old Trafford earlier this afternoon ahead of their game against Liverpool
A number of supporters protested against Manchester United’s owners at Old Trafford earlier this afternoon ahead of their game against Liverpool

“They will be replaced in the starting XI by a manager’s players off the bench, provided, of course, the replacements’ matches goes ahead.

“These swaps will be prioritised according to the order that the manager has selected for their substitutes on the bench.”

Given the stature of both clubs involved in today’s postponed ties, there are likely to be a number of fantasy manager’s who have made either a Manchester United or Liverpool player their captain – which means they have missed out on even more potential points.

Fear not, the Premier League has confirmed the ruling surrounding this situation as well: “Should your FPL team captain fail to feature, the armband will be moved to the vice-captain to record double points instead.

“But if the vice-captain is also affected by postponements, managers will earn zero extra points from their armband.

“If a postponed match is rescheduled for the same Gameweek, any points scored by players in that match will therefore remain in that Gameweek.

“However, if the match is rescheduled for another Gameweek, players will score points in that period, and not the initial one.”

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