Wisdom Naya: Sofapaka’s Elly Kalekwa promises financial help after youngster’s cancer diagnosis

The family of the midfielder had sought public help to raise money for chemotherapy sessions

Sofapaka president Elly Kalekwa has promised to help settle Wisdom Naya’s medical expenses after the youthful midfielder was diagnosed with cancerous soft tissue, sarcoma.

Naya is part of the Sofapaka youth team and is set to under chemotherapy sessions in the coming week after the diagnosis that shows his left knee has been affected by the tumour. A number of public figures had called for financial support for the midfielder before Kalekwa came out to make the promise of financial assistance.

“I was so touched by Naya’s condition and as family, we have resolved to be involved in his treatment,” Kalekwa said as was reported by the club’s website. “We are going to organise ourselves in the next few days in conjunction with our partners and friends to ensure that Naya gets the necessary support for his medical expenses.

“I want to sincerely thank all those who have done their contributions towards Naya’s treatment. It shows love and care, together with their contributions we as a club and our sponsor will chip in to help Naya receive full treatment.”

Naya, who was promoted to the senior team in the 2019 season, lauded Kalekwa’s efforts which were aimed to see him through his treatment period. The chemotherapy sessions are reportedly expected to cost Ksh55,000 daily for three days.

“I am so happy today talking to the club president for coming through at a moment when I’m really in need,” said Naya. ‘He [Kalekwa] is very remorseful for what has been going through and he has assured me of his total support until I get back to my feet.”

Naya’s mother was also thankful following the compassionate gesture from the Football Kenya Federation Premier League administrator.

“My son Naya has been in pain for a long time, we hoped it would go away only to develop into a huge swelling,” said the mother “When we sought medication we received the bad news, Naya was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in the soft tissues which needed urgent and proper treatment. I want to thank Kalekwa for coming through and I hope his support will help my son get back to his feet.”

After the 2019/20 promotion, Naya was thereafter relegated to the junior team. Ronald Okoth, who played for Batoto ba Mungu alongside Naya, described the youngster as a strong starlet and expressed hope that he will overcome the current situation.

“Quickest recovery my little brother and former teammate Nayah,” Okoth wrote on his Facebook page. “At only the age of 18, you still have the world to conquer and cancer will never stop you from coming back to the game and doing what you love.

“You are stronger than you think and you shall definitely overcome! We stand with you throughout this period mate. Stay strong, fight on.”

Naya was spotted by the 2009 Kenyan Premier League champions after stellar performances in the 2018 Copa Coca-Cola Championship especially in the final tie pitting Kenya and Nigeria.

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